How It Works:

The screw press is a mechanical device which is used for liquid/solid separation.
This separation is accomplished by reducing volume as the material being dewatered is conveyed from the inlet to the discharge of the screw press.

*Screw press는 메커니컬 탈수기로 입구부에 출력부에 걸쳐 screw 용적의 감소에 따라 탈수합니다.

FKC custom designs each screw press to fit the requirements of each unique application. Screw sizes range from 100mm (4") to 1250mm (49") in diameter with lengths up to 9 meters (29').

 *요구사항과 탈수대상물의 성질과 상태에 따라 경험을 가미하여 한대 한대 최적의 screw press를 설계 제조합니다.

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